MDL soundfont acting strange

• Jul 11, 2019 - 04:30

I'm not sure what happened but bass drums are suddenly very quiet, with the exception of unisons, which play louder. Snare shots are also very quiet, and the tenor drums sound like they did in earlier developments of MDL, where the notes were unclear...almost "dirty" sounding. It was fine this morning, and I don't think anything changed otherwise since then, I have been running the most updated versions of both Musescore and MDL for both this morning and now. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling MDL but that didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks


In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach a score you are having troubl with, and describe specifically where we should be listening.

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I am having this problem with all scores that use the MDL instruments. I made this example with the instruments isolated and then an excerpt where I particularly noticed the problem. I am not sure if it will sound the same to you as it does to me, as your MDL may not be having these problems, so if you need I can upload the score with the source audio, just let me know.

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Can you be more specific about where I should be listening (which measure) and what I should be listening for? I didn't notice anything off when I played the score start to finish. I would agree the bass drums seem on the quiet side when played through the built-in speakers on my computer, but that's kind of to be expected. I'm not sufficiently expert enough to know how realistic the relative volmes are other beyond that.

As for a "dirty" sound, could be just a matter of your computer not having enough resources (CPU, RAM) to handle these soundfonts in real time. Does export to audio file work better?

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I rendered out an expected version through MS 2.3.2 and then the actual one and uploaded them. For the dirty tenors listen to the section at 22. The snare shots throughout have noticeably less volume, and you have already referenced the quiet basses, but hopefully that will become more apparent.


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I'm having this exact same problem as well. MDL was working fine right after I updated it, but eventually during a playback I pressed the space bar to pause and an incredibly loud bass unison/snare shot played. After that, what you posted is now what my scores sound like.

Does it go away if you restart Musescore completely? I had an issue with MDL 1.2 where sound got all wonky and I would just have to do a restart.

I have also now discovered that buzz rolls no longer connect smoothly, instead, they sound more like isolated crushes or presses.

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