Score is responding slowly,

• Jul 6, 2019 - 20:11
Reported version
S3 - Major
needs info

Unknown - this began to happen after the program hung when I was doing a copy and paste
The score responds slowly to simple instructions like highlighting text and deleting it, or copying lyrics.
Also slow was save and export. After waiting several seconds for export to respond, I exported to musicxml, and the resulting file would not load. I changed its name to .xml and loaded it fine with musescore 2.

Then I saved the file as mscz from musescore 2 and opened it with version 3 and all seems fine again.

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There may be a way to reproduce the original crash with the files that I uploaded.
I Selected the remainder of the score in the default piano instrument, and cut it to copy it to the end of the English soprano part. Musescore hung and I had to end the task. Having done that, I can no longer use musescore at all so I will have to reinstall it. When I say ignore prior session, it hangs for me continuously.

Status active needs info
Type Development Performance

When I load the MSCZ file you attached, it seems to respond normally. Copy and paste worked fine for me as well. Can you give precise step by step instructions to reproduce some sort of problem?

Also, when you say you will have to reinstall, I don't understand. Reinstalling rarely fixes anything. What exactly is going wrong for you that makes you say you "can no longer use musescore at all"? Are you saying the next time you start MuseScore after the crash, it doesn't start? You might try rebooting, that's more likely to help than reinstalling.

I managed to avoid reinstalling. I answered yes to restore prior session and musescore 3 is working OK. In the meanwhile I did the copy and paste in musescore 2 after removing all the extra RTL text. The version I am using is I don't know why it hung for me, but I will continue and see if it is OK now. Sorry you could not reproduce it.