Comments Feature for Collaboration/Proofreading

• Jun 26, 2019 - 13:56

I'm reviewing a friend's work, but would love to make comments on the work itself. If this isn't an option, I propose that there be an "Add Comment" button, where you select the note or element, and click the "Add Comment" button. Then a notepad panel would open up where all entries are listed. You would be able to click on each note in the panel, and it would go to and highlight the correlating element(s). Each comment that no longer is needed due to changes or discussion is complete can be crossed out or moved to an archive.

There can be a reply option for each comment, with the initials of the current user. I suppose this would require either a login for the application, or at least an option to enter our initials, somewhere.

What I like about this is that you wouldn't have to have a separate email chain or a notepad that would need to be saved along with the Musescore file. Each project would have it's own notepad. Microsoft Word inspired me with their Comment feature. It's super handy for discussions within a collaborative work.

I know we do have discussions on the website, but if there are other people like me out there, this feature does have a great use.


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