Trying To Transcribe A Song

• Jun 25, 2019 - 21:28

OK guys gather around I have a question and I'm stumped.

I'm trying to get experience with MS and writing music and it's my first time working on both. I'm transcribing a song from ear. I've counted bars and chord changes and it lines up with the original song. I have the BPM of the original but when I playback what I've written it says only 32 seconds in but the actual song it's about 1:04 seconds in.

Shouldn't the BPM automatically take care of that? If it's the same as the original it SHOULD line up wouldn't it?

Anybody got any ideas?



If it sounds the same, 1:04 into the song is always 1:04 into the song, even if you have a different time signature and the proper note lengths to compensate. Did you by chance change the tempo in the play panel to 200% (or is it 50%) to get the tempo correct?

... when I playback what I've written it says only 32 seconds... but the actual song it's about 1:04.

If it sounds different (i.e. faster):
Since 32 seconds is half of 64 seconds (1min. 4sec), you may be hearing it played twice as fast. So you'll want the song to "take longer".

Assuming you did not change the tempo in the play panel, you can:
Double your note durations - e.g., make all quarter notes into half notes, etc.
Half the metronome number. See:
Choose a shorter 'beat note' duration from the tempo palette - e.g., instead of half note = BPM use quarter note = BPM.

Well guys I went to work on it again today after reading your comments and everything is working great.My song is now 1:04 long as it should be at this point.

Not sure what happened after shutting the laptop off last night. I'm just gonna chalk this up to you guys working some magic with your comments.

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