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• Jun 23, 2019 - 05:25

Hi everyone,

Look at the example I have given. I would like all of the 32nd notes to point to the right. How can I flip those individual flags?

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I know. But I have a legitimate reason for wanting them to point to the right. It is a pattern that will last for several measures and the section will not work unless I can fix this. Is it possible to do this on Musescore????? If not, then I need to use a different program.

AFAIU it is not possible to change individual parts of flags. You can split beam subdivisions, but this doesn't seem to be what you want.

But like Shoichi, I'd also ask you to reconsider why you would break from what seems to be standard notation. I don't know the context, but beam groups of 9+11+... 32nd notes in 5/4 also seems like an odd choice.
I'm not a professional orchestral musician, but if you handed me this sheet as a performer, I'd be confused where to play which note. I'd want to see where the quarter notes of the time signature are at a glance, like this: hoft.png
Phrasing could be indicated by slurs or accents. If it is indeed the core rhythmic subdivision for the entire ensemble, changing signtatures or a composite signature (9+11+... over 32) would be other options?
(Attaching an excerpt from your score as a mscz is always a good idea, btw. ;) )

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Trust me, I have very good reasons for wanting the flags to be pointing to the right. The example that you posted using ties will prove to be far more confusing in the long run (the pattern repeats over several pages). I already tried doing it your way and it doesn't work. And I just gave the premiere of the piece recently, by the way, from a handwritten score, so I know that my notation method is sound.

Is there really no way to change the directions of the flags? It is not that complicated, nor an outrageous thing to ask. I've seen far crazier things in a lot of 20th century piano pieces.

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There is no one specific way to flip these partial beams, but depending on the specifics of your particular situation, it might be possible by playing games with the beaming options in terms of changing the defaults for the next level down in the time signature properties, or by using the "sub beam" options in the palette. if you attach your score and show what you want to change, we may be able to assist.

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