Musicxml text is getting linked to the wrong note

• Jun 22, 2019 - 03:03

I have a Musicxml file that contains text to show fingering. The problem I have encountered is that the xml entry for the text is after the tags that the text is supposed to be linked to and before the tags for the next note.

It appears that MuseScore has implemented the logic that says text will be linked with the next element whereas the xml file I have has assumed the text will be linked with the immediately preceding element.

My question is, Is there any way to tell MuseScore to link text to the preceding note element rather than the following note element when opening a Musicxml file?


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I’m using Musitek’s SmartScore to convert music in a PDF to playable format.
They have an option to generate musicxml.
MuseScore is able to open and play the musicxml file correctly.

The main issue I’m trying to resolve is that fingerings are getting attached to the note after the note it is supposed to be attached to.

It makes perfect sense to me that the text for a note should be a child element of the note but that isn’t what Musitek is doing in their xml file

I am attaching a segment of the xml file showing how the fingering info is being loaded into the xml file along with the entire musicxml file.

I get an “Access Denied” error when I try to open . Does this document how this is supposed to be coded in the xml file?

Thanks for your assistance on this issue.

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I see now that my issue is different than I thought. The text in the musicxml file is attached to the staff not the note. So now it makes sense that the element for the text is outside of the note element. But my issue now is that the location on the staff that the text is connected is just before the next note. This is problematic because the text represents fingering so the location of the text makes it look like it is for the next note.

Unless there is away to change the anchor point of text in MuseScore there is probably no solution to my issue.

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There's a lot of ugliness when converting PDFs to sheet music and cleaning that indeed often requires quite a lot of manual intervention.

Here's the quickfixes I've applied and how you can continue.
1. Applied the title and subtitle to the top frame
2. Remove all those "Instrument changes" that were inserted (right-click one, select all similar items, delete)
3. Similarly removed all "fingerings"/staff text
4. Using the PDF in a side by side display: Apply the first fingering by double clicking
5. Take advantage of the new fingering input mode: space takes you to the next note so you can quite quickly enter those fingerings as needed.
6. fix up the lyrics.

While you can change the anchor point of text using cut-and-paste, it would be far more laborious to do so and you'll still have to convert them all to fingerings as well.

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