Auto stem direction in multi-voice measures

• Jun 19, 2019 - 07:14

Is there any way to make stem direction follow the "auto" rules when you have more than one voice?

My score has two voices - melody in voice 1 and rhythmic cues in voice 3. I'd like voice 1 to follow the rules for automatic stem direction, but the default behavior is that all stems point up.

I know I can manually flip the stem direction, but would prefer to not have to do that.




voice 1 and 3 have stems up, 2 and 4 stems down
So just use voice 2 for your rhythmic cues, Tools > Voices > Swap voice 2-3, then remove the voice 3 rests, right-click one, select, more, same staff, same voice, Del

In MuseScore 1 it was possible to change those defaults, not anymore since MuseScore 2

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Actually, I want the stems up on the cues, and the default positioning of rhythmic slashes for voice 3 (small noteheads above the staff) makes that voice perfect for cues. Because voice 3 consists entirely of slashes above the staff, with stems up, voice 1 doesn't need all stems to point in the same direction. In fact, it works much better if higher notes in voice 1 have stems down, which is what the auto behaviour would give me.

Voice 2 would fix the slashes to the middle staff line - that's definitely NOT what I want.

So it appears that manually flipping the stems in voice 1 is the only option.

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Having struggled with rhythmic cues in Notion and Sibelius, I love how easy it is in Musescore. This one tweak (auto stem direction in voice 1) would make it even better. Note that I ran into the problem initially when I transposed a part. Musescore 3.1 easily took care of all the other layout changes required by the transposition, but I had to manually adjust the stem directions.

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