Clef change at beginning of system does not display correctly when in a multibar rest

• Jun 18, 2019 - 10:21

Take the following sample score for a bassoon - default clef is bass.

Note 3 bars rest at the beginning. Now change the clef to tenor for the entire score. The change is good. Now turn on multi-bar rests (M) and the original default clef shows at the beginning of the system - but the notes are in tenor-clef position.

In screen-shots this is what we see:
Screenshot from 2019-06-18 10-16-35.png

change to tenor clef
Screenshot from 2019-06-18 10-16-53.png

switch on multi-bar rests (note that the note positions following the apparent bass clef are for tenor clef
Screenshot from 2019-06-18 10-17-08.png


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