Musescore 3.1 - Cannot Copy/Paste Single Voice

• Jun 18, 2019 - 10:15

I've read past forum posts about copy/paste of a single voice in a multi-voice selection, but nothing I try works in MuseScore 3.1.

You can see an example video here:!AlumypcBh4ZfhfZj9XsU5iq5aTToog?e=7m3Awd

I start with two measures containing two voices (1 and 3).

I select both measures, copy and paste into an empty measure. Works as expected.

I then select the original two measures, rt-click on the first note of Voice 1, and use the Select Notes dialog to select Same voice, In Selection. Click Edit-Delete, and the notes in Voice 1 are deleted as expected.

I then undo the deletion and repeat the selection (Voice 1 notes In Selection). Copy, click on an empty bar, and Paste. Nothing happens - I expected the notes from Voice 1 to be pasted.

What am I missing?


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Cool - it works!!

I'm still a relative newbie. The Selection Filter is discussed in the Copy/Paste section of the Handbook, but I didn't read that far, and the forum posts I reviewed all talk about the Select Notes dialog.

Thanks for pointing it out. Super helpful feature.

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