Stave space size awkward to edit

• Jun 18, 2019 - 08:45

The stave space size in Page Settings is awkward to edit. As soon as one deletes a digit it is replaced with a zero. To see the effect put the cursor at the right-hand end of the number then press backspace. The entire field cannot be replaced if highlighted and a new value typed. The only way seems to be to inset the cursor at the right-hand end, backspace to convert the least significant digits to zeros, insert again at the right-hand end, backspace to remove the zeros, then type the required value. That's a very awkward manoeuvre.
Same comments apply to delete, unless then entire value of the stave space is highlighted.


I think the technical reason for that is that that field is evaluated on every keystroke. That way you get to preview the result of your change immediately.

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There are many place musescore refuses to allow you to type numbers consecutively, like the scaling in page settings. You must type a number, press delete to delete the next number enter it, press delete and so one until you have the correct number. I think this is an annoying bug.

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