Playback problem with repeats and Da Capo (D.C.)

• Jun 16, 2019 - 16:16

I have arranged the following for clarinet quartet:

There are various repeats in here. First of all, there is a Da Capo after bar 51, so after you play bar 1-51, you go back to bar 1. Second time through, you ignore the D.C. and play the first time ending at 52 until 73 where there is a repeat. The repeat tells you to go back to bar 36 and play until 51, and then take the second time ending at 74 to the end. This is the order I had intended and is what the playback does on my individual MuseScore file. When I uploaded it onto the MuseScore site however, the playback ignores the D.C. and goes straight through to 73, does the repeat back to 36, plays from 36 until 51 and THEN does the D.C. It then plays bars 1-51 and then takes the second time ending at 74 to the end. Why is there a difference between what my individual file plays and what the MuseScore site plays and how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance.


That is a 2.1 score, IIRC runs 2 rendering engins currently, 2.3.2 for MuseScore 2 scores and 3.1 for MuseScore 3 scores.
However, jumps are only taken after repeats, so it should play 1-73, 36-51, 1-51, 74-82, and does exactly that in MuseScore 3.1

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Somewhere between 2.1 & 2.3.2 jeetee did a major renovation of the way repeats and jumps work, making sure the results were consistent with expectations of the users.

The fact you would even repeat into a D.C. section sounded suspicious to me to start with. That's very unorthodox and undefined in standard music notation. I'm terrible at making maps of music based upon sections, but you really should rethink show you have it set up so this repeat into a D.C. no longer happens and there is no longer a 22 measure volta.

Just click on the "DS" or "DC", open the inspector (view->inspector) and select "Play repeats". There is an option on how the jump must be done as well.
Defaults: jump to segno (DS) or start (DC), play until end, continue at (blank), do not play repeats.
I don't know what other options can be used instead of "start", "segno" and "end".

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