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• Jun 16, 2019 - 04:29

I'm creating a fairly large score for a project and I noticed it keeps making clicking noises during playback, particularly over trills but it happens almost everywhere in the piece, and it's happening in all of my other pieces aswell. I'm using Musescore 3 and I've tried making changing the synthesiser volume and changing the SoundFont, but that has done nothing.


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No, it’s not the metronome, it’s not like a percussive click, it sounds like crackling and at first I thought it was just my headphones breaking but it still happens without them. Musescore has been making these clicks for weeks, they’re random and inconsistent but they mostly happen in parts with a lot happening, especially with crescendos or tremolo’s, which is hard to avoid when I mainly use musescore for orchestration

I’ve been using MS2.x for some time on an old MacBook with no issues. Got a new MacBook 2019 16GB running Mojave. Couldn’t wait to upgrade to MS3. Opened up some old scores and got random clicks on playback! Like playing an old vinyl! Tried changing the synthesiser but it made no difference. The scores have multiple parts for mandolins and guitars etc. It happens also when I pause playback using the space bar.

I’ve attached a typical example

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I am having the same problem; when a piano part plays a measure containing 16th notes for the first time - in 4/4, on the 1st measure of 16th notes on beat 4 on the 3rd 16th note I get a click - nearly as loud as the piano itself, on the 2nd measure of 16th notes on beat 3 on the 3rd 16th note I get a click, on the 3rd measure of 16th notes there are no clicks, and on the 4th measure on beat 4 on the 3rd 16th note I get a click; there are measures of piano with whole/half/quarter/8th notes before this particular measure of only 16th notes with no click sounds, this happens even when I copy this piano measure of only 16th notes to a portion in the score where there are no other instrumentation parts written yet; it happens even when I slow the tempo down to 40 BPM - my compositions is 120 BPM; in my composition, it only happens with the piano instrument in all ranges of the piano (I am a pianist), and when I copy the same exact part to a classical guitar, there are no click sounds - only the classical guitar; and when I copy the same exact part to a glockenspiel, there are no click sounds - only the glockenspiel; and when I copy the same exact part to any particular vocal of a mixed choir, there are no click sounds - only the voice (bass, tenor, alto, soprano) part. It is very annoying. And after researching this issue I have determined there is a flaw with the MuseScore_General.sf3 located in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 3\sound
I have loaded a few sf2 files into this MuseScore 3 location and the pianos are flawless, the click on the 16th notes of the piano is only occurring with the MuseScore_General.sf3 file. It needs to be fixed.

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What previous comment? There is only one from you in this thead prior to Marc's reply.
And only one other in another and unrelated thread.

You're a member since a day, Marc since 9 years, and a heavy contributor, guess what tells about credibility...

Whatever, you don't need to share your score in progress, a short excerpt showing the problem would be enough. No such score, no reproducibility, no fix, simple as that.

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Indeed, I have no idea what you mean about suppressing a comment - maybe you intended to post something but forgot to hit "Save"? I've done that before. But I promise, I did nothing to suppress anything of yours. This comment is the only one of yours I've seen on this thread.

Anyhow, there should be no problem posting an excerpt from a score here. People do it all the time, it's a necessary step in our being able to reproduce problems and fix them. If you're worried about copyright, you needn't be - your work is protected the moment it's set down. But if it gives you more piece of mind, then just delete all but the problem measures.

To be clear: I am not saying there is a flaw in your score. I am saying something unique about your score exposes the flaw in the soundfont. Since other scores don't expose that flaw, we need yours - even, again, just a small excerpt - in order to reproduce the issue. We can't fix a problem we can't reproduce.

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