Triplet With Rest As First Note

• Jun 14, 2019 - 20:34

Hello! I am trying to copy a sheet of music I have onto MuseScore but for the very first measure there is a triplet with a sixteenth rest followed by a sixteenth note and n eighth note. But no matter how many times I attempt to make the triplet start with the rest, it doesn't work. Please if any one knows how to fix this, reply to me asap! Thank you so much.


Hi, for a "usual" triplet, in 4/4, we have 3 eight notes , with a little 3, and these 3 eight notes are played on 1 time . If you want a rest in first place, enter your notes and after, click the first and tape 0 (Zéro)..

But , for you, your triplet is .......curious : 1 sixteen + 1 sixteen+ 1 eight.......the total is not correct.

Without a picture showing the sheet music it is difficult to answer

Question is not real clear. In general you can select the beat(s) that correspond to the time span of the triplet. e.g. for a triplet of 3 eighth notes in one beat, select the rest or note currently on that beat. Then ctrl-3 creates the triplet with all rests and puts you into insert mode. Simply leave the first note as a rest and add notes on the other two.

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