Unexpected change of "Play Panel" layout?

• Jun 12, 2019 - 23:36
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As titled with this capture:


Sorry, it still is completly unclear to what problem you're complaining about, you strecth the playpanel out the entire hight, no need to do that, you can also place it under the inspector

So, the question is whether we can change the ratio of the widgets position above the separator and under the separator in Play Panel, right? In other words, whether we can make the timeline block of the play panel narrower.

I don't think that changing the ratio to 2/8 (1/4) will make the difference in the UI. You use portrait oriented display which is very uncommon and most (all?) applications are not adapted to it. Should Musescore be adapted? I'm not sure.

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Three Captures:

With MuseScore 2, I can easily adjust the play speed +/- by 1% steps, and its UI style matches the whole App, the only hardship of using is the buttons are too small only suitable for XP era mouse clicking, not finger tapping:

With MuseScore 3, when it's undocked, only 40% of the screen height is helping to make 1% adjustment:

And it dose not remember its un-docking status, upon restart a new session, only 15% of the screen height is helping?

The top part of the the panel is a "Current Playing Status", not much info is there, and big blanks left there which takes away valuable App working space.

If I understand the issue, the goal is for the Play Panel to look like image below when stretched tall.

tall play panel.png

But, for users with small screen, it can still be very compact. Like it is now:

compact play panel.png

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Four Improvements Can be done based on Ms 2 play panel:

  1. Handles are be with the Volume and Tempo, they are for user to grab and slid; indicator/arrow for current location to provide time info -- user go to a specific point by clicking in the score notes/bars, not sliding by handle:

  2. Bigger buttons for finger touch on tablets:

  3. Metronome Vol is not a property of a song, it shouldn't has the same priority/privilege to be displayed next to Vol and Tempo. As a knob would be appropriate and it should adjust it's own volume in a percentage way relevant to the master volume, not an absolute volume adjustment: by this way it increases as the master volume increasing and decreases as the master volume decreasing and always keeps a good relevancy to the master vol at user's choice and this choice sound be maintained upon restart APP.

  4. "for users with small screen, it can still be very compact. Like it is now" to solve : REMEMBER UN-DOCKING STATUS WHEN RESTART APP!!

Thanks for getting MuseScore Better and Better. I always compare different notation SWs, musecore is always winning, and it will.

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