Invert multi-measure rest numbers

• Jun 11, 2019 - 00:14

If you can invert notes and articulation ornaments, surely you must be able to invert the number placed on multimeasure rests. If you wanted to place text above where a multimeasure rest would be, and if the number was in the way, you should be able to bring the number under the multimeasure rest bar.

One small PS: Will old-style measure rests be made available soon? I’m still using MuseScore 2.3, and these features would encourage me to install MuseScore 3.


There is no setting to place the numbers on mmrests anywhere other than the universal standard location which is above the staff. If there were some significant number of publishers doing it differently then an option might be provided, but there aren't. You can't, however, make the entire rest invisible, and then add symbols manually wherever you like, including old-style ones. There are no immediate plans to implement these natively, but hopefully this will happen at some point, but there are hundreds of other reasons to update to MuseScore 3, starting with incredibly superior default layout, much faster performance, and tons more.

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