Getting Player Piano to Play All Notes

• Jun 9, 2019 - 18:40

I've attached a simple score that plays all notes with any MIDI player. When I try to play it on my player piano, the first note of each measure is not played. Appreciate any help.

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You wrote:
It's a baby grand piano with a PianoDisc player.

So, an 'acoustic' (rather than 'electronic') piano - with felt hammers and real strings?
Slow the tempo and listen if all notes play.

The player is an older model...
Try changing the key signature. Perhaps the C2 key (i.e., the first note) is 'sluggish'.

I was able to resolve the problem, but honestly, I don't know exactly which thing I did fixed it. First, I removed the app from Windows 10 and deleted all the scores in the document section. I then reinstalled MuseScore3 and opened it. Starting from scratch, I generated my first score again, but this time I set the Instrument(s) to Piano clef and Piano clef and base. This gave me three lines. I generated the same notes shown above, and this time all the notes played .............. yeah!
Thanks to everyone who tried to help!

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