Accessibility problem for blind user

• Jun 8, 2019 - 18:56

I am a blind user. I use NVDA for reading the screen. I want to add repeat barline to a desired measure number, I was able to enter the master pallet using the view menu command and I can read the pallet command, for example, bar lines/Start repeat. But when I press the enter button, it does not work.

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It only works to drag and drop the element onto the staff or to double-click the symbol.
But indeed it would be an improvement to hit the enter key for adding it to the score, but isn't possible at time.

Accessibility for the palettes is currently being worked on. When this work is done, the plan is that you will no longer need to open the master palette to find the repeat. You will be able to navigate to the item and enter it from the palette.

Actually, this much works already today, not with the "master" palette but with the standard one. So use the search bar (you need to define a shortcut for "Palette search"), search for repeat, use up/down arrows to navigate the results, then hit Enter to apply. This was implemented as part of the GSoC a couple of years ago.

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Palette search shortcut is set to F9 by default. That opens the Palettes and puts the cursor in the search box, and pressing it again closes the Palette. Note, however, that the Palettes start out open when MuseScore first loads, but the cursor does not start in the Palette search box. This means you have to press F9 twice to get the the search box when you first load MuseScore.

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