Suppressing part names at the beginning of sections

• Jun 8, 2019 - 18:25

I am working on a four-movement sonata for bassoon and piano. The usual format for such works is to name the parts the the beginning of the stave for the 1st movement, but not name them in subsequent movements. I believe the system break is used to start a new movement, but I cannot find a way to suppress naming the parts for movements 2 thru 4 without also removing the names form movement 1. Is there a technique in musescore that allows this other than having separate files for movements?

The same conventions regarding naming of parts also apples to small format chamber ensembles such as string quartets, trio d'anches and wind and brass quintets.


Assuming you mean the long instrument name that is used as the staff name, right click the section break, Section Break Properties, and deselect "Start new section with long instrument names". The alternative I favor though is to not have instrument names display at all on the parts, but instead have the part name in the title frame. This is the way things work by default.

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