Octava continue text style setting updates begin text

• Jun 8, 2019 - 09:17

I think this is a bug: create an octava line that spans a system. From inspector specify brackets around the continue text ie (8va). The begin text doesn't have brackets. Save this as a style setting (S button). The begin text is updated takes the same vale use the continue text. Same thing happens to the continue text if the begin text is save as a style setting.


True, seems those 2 texts can't be set as style independant of one another.
Not a bug though, there is just one text style. At best a missing feature...

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I think here is some confusion here - well, at least I am confused. There is no restriction against setting brackets on the continue text itself while having none on the begin text. It's only the style of the text - font, size, italic, etc. - that will need to be the same, because indeed there is only one text style for lines.

So it seems that somehow the Inspector "set as style" buttons may simply be hooked up incorrectly. Not sure, really, but it does seem to be a bug that the content of the style defaults can't differ.

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