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• Jun 7, 2019 - 20:19
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The current icon for the 'Show more symbols' dialog in the Palette is anti-intuitive in my opinion. The '???' first seemed like a rendering problem (was I missing an icon perhaps? Broken font or installation?).


A better icon which is normally used for this type of dialog would be '...'. Here is a mock-up done with GIMP:


This is obviously a very minor issue, but a clearer symbol can help people make more sense of the interface and discover this option.


... is a rather obscure symbol and in no way improves the current method in my opinion. What's more there is a symbol ... that is placed above tremolos to indicate play the tremolo staccato, so it would get confusing if the user placed this in a custom palette.

@mike320 I don't think ... is obscure and I don't see much of a problem concerning the tremolo staccato symbol since it would only be present in a custom palette, but perhaps it could be worth considering a different icon then. Two other suggestions:



Perhaps someone else can come up with a better idea. But in my opinion, the ??? icon is simply incomprehensible from a UI point of view.

Or other options still:


I think this last one is a particularly good solution, because: 1) it uses another very standard symbol, 2) the text clarifies what the action is, 3) it is in the bottom right corner and cannot be mistaken with another symbol from the list.

Pretty much anything's better than the current icon. Thanks for bringing this up, @gsagostinho! The icon confused me the first time I opened MuseScore 3 and still did until just now.

A vertical ellipsis usually indicates a context menu, does it not?

I think a horizontal ellipsis seems more fitting. I would prefer a simple one to a midline one.

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@Jojo-Schmitz Thanks for taking a look at this! I also think the horizontal ellipsis is clearer. As for the bold vs the regular version, the ellipses in the bold version do not look very good, they look like three squares which are heavy anti-aliased. In my opinion your first screenshot (non-bold) looks much better and crispier.

IMHO it should be inside the palette, instead of the ???, not in the palette's name. Also would require some special coding to be able to select that.
The "+" icon, while not being bad in itself, implies adding something (as one meaning, the other being 'more'?), which isn't the case here.

"..." or ">" (as an icon maybe, danger of confusing with hairpin or articulation?) or "etc." seem to convey the meaning better?

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