The numbering of bars

• Jun 7, 2019 - 14:10

Where and what have you done to the "Bar Numbers" edit?
I have used MuseScore for several years including this morning, Friday 7th June 2019 and all was fine. I allowed one more of the interminable updates and now the editing has GONE. For crying out loud the gate wasn't broke it didn't need fixing!
I want to STILL be able to move the bar line number(s) as before along or up the X and Y axis to where I want them AND reduce the point size AND choose my own style of number... it all has gone... WHERE? I am thinking of going back to Ver. 2 but THEN how could I open all the scores I have already done in Ver. 3? PLEASE don't become like Microsoft and make changes every week and destroy all the work done as I have found when trying to open Ver 2 and THEN saving those scores to Ver 3. Have you changed/deleted even more that I have yet to find in Ver 3.1243634363874947363526 or whatever the latest version number now is.
MuseScore is (was?) the best for what it can do for musicians who write and play music but stop messing about with the best stuff that did NOT need to be updated!

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Calm down and open your eyes, then check further down: Text Styles > Measure/Bar numbers
Not sure when exactly it got moved there, but this has been done for better consistency of the UI.

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