Crackling sounds on playback, in 3.1

• Jun 6, 2019 - 14:22


My kid and I just upgraded to 3.1 and we played a composition that was playing fine in the version 3.0. However, this time, when we play the same composition we sometimes hear crackling sounds when it plays a sequence of very fast notes.

It is not really possible to always replicate the issue, because it is no consistent.

The conclusion I make is that it has trouble outputting the sounds for a sequence of very fast notes, sometimes also glissandos.

Since we did not experience this in the previous version, for the exact same score, I wonder if there's a new bug.

Thank you...


It has actually been happening to be very since I started using the software. When the notes are squeezed too tight or there are too many instruments playing the playback will crack. I guess this is only because the system cannot handle too many in/outputs instantaneously?
But I notice that sometimes when I start playing a long way before the part which can easily crack, the part sounds fine. Same if I start playing at the exact location the crack occurs. If neither, then the crack will happen very often.

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I don't think the time delay is a bug, neither is the crack, since I suppose the computer can't output an entire note sound with just a single "note signal" for the software. This shouldn't be the case that if for example 40 notes are playing at the same time the computer receives just 40 commands -- the notes themselves have dynamics and timbre changes while playing, so whenever such change occurs the computer receives a signal. So you can see how busy the computer actually are. If the system cannot handle too many commands, a single note sound can break into parts, thus causing the crack. This is just my superficial assumption, I don't study computer sciences very much so it can be incorrect.

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