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• Jun 3, 2019 - 11:09


I have made it a practice to re-label 'coda' to 'tocoda', and 'codab' to 'coda'. Since I usually have 2 sets, I then use tocoda1 and tocoda2, with combined with coda1 and coda2. I find this a lot easier to use.

But... it happens quite a lot that I have changed the labels, and then all of a sudden musescore has changed them back to their original values (coda and codab), but the 'Dal Segno al Coda' label values have remained what I put in them (tocoda and coda). This creates an inconsistent score that doesn't playback correctly, and the user is completely unaware that this has happened (I only find out when hitting 'play').
I would like to request first of all that labels are not changed unnecessarily (certainly not without communicating this to the user), and secondly that if labels are changed -either manually or automatically- that the associated values in DS/DC/Fine jump instructions are changed with them. Ofcourse it must remain possible to clear a jump instruction or choose other labels without changing any label values. In other words it is one way: label name change -> jump parameter change, jump parameter change -> no label name change. Once a score is consistent, this will keep it consistent and playing back correctly. This is the main fix I'd like to see.
Finally I would like to request that the default names be adjustable in musescore preferences, so I don't have to keep doing it manually every time I a create a new score.




Your naming convention makes much more sense and should rather become the default, mind to file it in the issue tracker as a suggestion?
Not sure we'd need it configurable, but if really needed, a custom palette (in a custom workspace) should do, and should serve as a workaround here too.

Edit 1: Actually changing this may not work, for compatibility reasons, at least for 1.x and 2.x scores, possibly also for musicxml export and maybe some other places.
Edit 2: Seems for Musecore 1 this should not be a problem at all, jumps from there are not imported into MuseScore 3 at all, see #290195: MuseScore 3 doesn't import jumps from MuseScore 1. At least until that issue gets fixed...
Edit 3: Apparently not an issue with MuseScore 2, I've tested it.

I've experienced that random renaming (rather back-naming) too, but have never been able to reproduce, it seems to only strike when you're not watching it closely...
If you find a way to reproduce, please file it in the issue tracker.

musescore has changed them back to their original values (coda and codab)

I haven't experienced this. If this is happening it a major bug that needs fixed because MuseScore should never automatically change the labels on you. I haven't experienced it. I don't relabel jumps often, but I've never see a problem with them renaming themselves.

I even tested putting them into my custom palette and the labels stayed without changing.

If you can make the automatic label change happen, then please post a score where it happens and explain step by step how to do it. I'll comment on you bug report/suggestion there.

EDIT: I'm now reading your bug report for the first time and see what you mean about label changing, this needs fixed.

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