Mixer not remembering changes in the channels

• Jun 2, 2019 - 18:46
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S2 - Critical
  1. Install most recent revision to MS3. (
  2. Make a new score
  3. Open Mixer and specify an instrument patch from installed soundfont library. (This problem appears to occur for libraries installed above the default MuseScore_General soundfont library.)
  4. Confirm that the patch delivers intended sound.
  5. Save file.
  6. Close MS3.
  7. Relaunch MS3, and open previously saved file.
  8. No sound, as the specified patch was not saved at item #5.
  9. Reapplying the patch in the Mixer again produces the requisite sound, but the patch specified is not saved.
  10. This problem only applies to files produced after revision; files produced prior to this save changes in soundfont patches without problems.
  11. See https://musescore.org/en/comment/923882#comment-923882 for discussion.


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I don't know, frankly I don't see the relationship by reading the code of the PR submitted at that time, in the 289562 issue you mention ( https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/commit/f131df20b2a2c4eaa0a567c3a…).

Just rechecked again in 3.1-RC, now exiting MuseScore, deleting the non-default soundfonts in the Synthetiser (so leaving the default sf only), then loading the saved sf's +mixer assigments using "Load from Score", and it loads and plays them ok)

...I just tried with the official 3.1 (final) and well, maybe I'm wrong, but using the "Save to Score" option in the Synthetiser (ie: explicitely saving the synth settings with the score) , saving the score, closing completely MuseScore, opening the score again, and lastly using "Load from Score" , works fine??

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@Xianyue, well, since Musescore 2.0, I've always had to use the "Save to Score" button in the Synthetiser window to save with the score the list of used soundfonts and synth settings (and the Mixer patch assigments), when using customized settings in this area. Just saving the score (File / Save or Save As) at least for me didn't saved these customized items in the score file itself (when using non default settings for the soundfont/mixer patches/other synth settings).

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You are right, considering my sf2/sfz collection is getting bigger & bigger:
collection size.JPG

It is indeed there must have a way to save customized items out of these thousands of fonts for using later. In the same App, top menu "Save Style...", "Load Style..." to a .mss file is a good example of implementing this and practically more acceptable and feasible to users, it's independently existing there ready for use forever without loading any score and retrieving from it. Having "Save Fonts Config...", "Load Fonts Config..." also is helping to achieve overall App user interface and function consistency.

Similar to style saving, users can save customized fonts selection for different types of scores, and give them meaningful names like "Violin Duet", "Dancing Guitar", "String Quarts", "WoodwindMarch", "Magic Flutes", "MuseScore 3.2 Default" ....

Xianyue賢越, you need to put your comments not related to the issue at hand in the forum. It worked fine in the past and the regression needs to be fixed.

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Thank you for your continued help. I can't seem to get 3.0.5.
I'm assuming that's because I have a Mac.
The latest version I can find is 2.3.2.
It is opening and playing my documents correctly. Regular Standard is working for percussion. I don't even
need to switch it.
I'm going to keep looking for 3.0.5. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

Someone familiar with Mac will have to help you with this. You should move further discussion of this to the forum since it's not really related to this issue.

In the meantime until a new release fixes this, is it posible to save the mixer settings directly to the mscx file? Or, what is equivalent, to write the edits directly to the mscx file.

The fix has not been merged and no nightly created. As long as the issue status is PR created, you won't find a nightly for it. The nightly is created after the status is changed to Fixed.

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I mean if there is some documented syntax to define the patch (or whatever is planned to be included to allow saving the mixer patch settings); one that, even if not written by MuseScore itself, is recognized when loading the score from the mscx to set automatically the patches to be used. If this were the case, it would be possible to manually input the required tags.

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> Does <controller ctrl="32" value="0"/> help?

Do you mean placing this Bank change each time I need the original sound?
For instance:

<Channel name="pizzicato">
<program value="45"/>
<controller ctrl="10" value="80"/>
<controller ctrl="32" value="0"/>

Is this correct?
Is this what MuseScore will do when the bug be fixed?

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It wasn´t channel 0 but 179 for Cb pizz, 169 for Vc pizz, 159 for Vla. pizz, 154 for Vn II pizz and 149 for vn I pizz.
So I had to add, for example for 149,

<controller ctrl="0" value="1"/>
<controller ctrl="32" value="21"/>

since 149 = 1*128 + 21. The magic numbers were obtained looking for the desired patch in teh mixer and looking at the contextual information when placing the mouse pointer over the name of the channel.

I've seen a lot of forum chatter re: patch changes not being remember, but not an update to V3. What is the status of the update that corrects the problem? Thanks.

this one has been merged into the next release, notice says it's fixed in the status above (It'll say closed in about 2 weeks), and the other two Jojo mentioned have not yet been included though the fix has been proposed, notice the it says Status: patch (ready to commit) when you move your mouse over it.

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I mentioned how I solved it becaiuse it seemed interesting to share how I managed to solve the issue manually in the meantime. I think there should be some documentation on the mscx format since frequently one has to fix things manually or try to find out what is happening. Is there any plan for doing this in the future?

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How frequenty is debatable. I have found it very useful to dig into the mscx, and think it would be interesting to have it documented. However I understand there are other priorities. When I have some time I'll try to write some notes on it by doing some reverse engineering.

Request to document the mscx format had come up before and always got denied, as this can become a maintainance nightmare when the format changes.
It is meant to be a debuging format and as such really doesn't need to get documented to ordinary 'mere mortal' users.

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