Add keyboard shortcut for dynamics

• Jun 1, 2019 - 00:58
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S5 - Suggestion

Add a keyboard shortcut (such as Ctrl + D) to input dynamics under the currently select note or the first note of the current selection. This would allow users to avoid using menus or drag-and-drop or mouse clicks to add elements, as some might prefer to do all engraving using keyboard input.

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The project isn't the duplicate, I think this has been ask for in the issue tracker before. That would make this a duplicate if I remember correctly.

The idea of allowing more keyboard control has certainly been around a while, but as far as specific ways this could be implemented, there are really several different ideas being discussed, worthy of keeping in separate issues:

1) the general ability to assign a custom shortcut to any palette element - see for example #273051: Keyboard shortcuts for palette objects

2) a specific feature where all palette elements would get automatic keybaord shortcuts based on position on the palette - see for example #9357: request shortcuts for individual dynamic (& other) markings

3) an even more specific feature for dynamics in partiuclar, a new keyboard shortcut to enter a new empty dynamic marking in the score and place it in edit mode ready to type, much like Ctrl+T for staff text or Ctrl+L for lyrics - that's how I see this particular issue

4) other ideas for keyboard-based palette navigation, more for accessibility than for efficiency per se

The handbook states:

Special character shortcuts can be used to add the following symbols:

Ctrl+Shift+P (Mac: Cmd+Shift+P): Piano p.
Ctrl+Shift+F (Mac: Cmd+Shift+F): Forte f.
Ctrl+Shift+M (Mac: Cmd+Shift+M): Mezzo m.
Ctrl+Shift+R (Mac: Cmd+Shift+R): Rinforzando r.
Ctrl+Shift+S: Sforzando s.
Ctrl+Shift+N (Mac: Cmd+Shift+N): Niente n.
Ctrl+Shift+Z (Mac: Cmd+Shift+Z): Z z.

But these only seem to work while actually editing a dynamic, surely there's way to set up a shortcut key for adding one outside of element edit mode? With a plugin maybe?