No audio output

• Oct 2, 2008 - 12:08

On starting up 0.9.4 revision 1107 on Vista Basic a window pops up saying:
Portaudio open stream 0 failed: Invalid number of channels
no audio output found
no audio driver
sequencer init failed
sym 0xe147 not found



I ran into this problem a number of times on Vista as well. What worked for me was to go to edit -> preferences then choose the I/O tab. Make sure that Use internal Synth is checked and the port audio is checked. If you are seeing a blank in any of these and they are not selectable, especially under the API drop down... chose Reset to Default and close out and restart the program. This should then default the Api back to MME and then you can choose whatever device from the drop down. None of the other APIs are working for me in the 1115 release...neither Direct Sound or ASIO.

Give it a whirl...

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I installed Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope yesterday (9.04). and lost my play panel.
The above instructions worked! Intenal Synth and Port Audio checked. Thanks

It took longer to work-- I was about to believe that my computer was locked up because it was taking so long, when the Play panel appeared.

When I was running Intrepid Ibex, the other instruction-- to simply open the I/O tab and clicking ok worked to produce the play panel.

I'm sure I'll have other questions as I go --this program is of great assistance to me with my private studio!
This is fun!! What a creative breath of fresh air!
LisaJo Borchers

Sometimes simply opening the preferences, going to the I/O tab, clicking "OK", and restarting MuseScore will fix problems with sound. I don't know if this will apply in every instance.

A note of warning: "Reset to Defaults" will restore the initial settings for all MuseScore preferences.

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Loaded the latest preleases today.
The playback buttons seem to stick and work OK with out disappearing, but I still have some SoundFont issues.
I selected the "Prelude" from the demo folder, it played, but it sent out an error and crashed the program.
Had to restart the program....

Can we use a good standard Soundfont instead?

Also, should I select API as "Windows Directsound" and Device as my soundcard's audio output?


I am not able to reproduce the crash with the "Prelude" demo. What SoundFont are you using? Is the crash consistent? What error message does it give?

With regards to "DirectSound" I don't think it is implemented yet. Just leave the default settings as they are under Portaudio.

For some reason when I hit play, there is either no sound, or only sound for the top line or first instrument. I modified the IO section to what it was supposed to be. I don't think it's an I/O problem because a lot of the time it plays the top line.

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