Conga do not have enough voices. No voices of bongo,

• May 30, 2019 - 17:03

I can find (1) Open High Conga and (2) low conga; Also I cannot find "mute hi conga." Likewise, I cannot find the bongo. How do I get more percussion voices on the musescore 2.3.2? Please see the attached picture.

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Not sure what you mean by "more percussion voices", you have up to four per staff and you should virtually never need more than 2. Can you explain in more detail?

Also, your version of MuseScore is quite out of date, tons of fixes and enormous improvements in 3.1.

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The word "congas" is used to describe a set of up to four or five instruments although, usually, only two of them are used: conga and tumbadora.

For conga I need the following sounds: PALM, FINGERS (TIP), SLAP, MUFFLED, OPEN and BASS.

For tumbadora I need at least: OPEN, BASS and MUFFLED.

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PD Thanks for your Primer on Jazz Improvisation.

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