Sostenuto Pedal Effect Added to Audio

• May 30, 2019 - 16:28

Is it possible, via the app or a plugin, to add the effect of the sostenuto pedal into the audio of the score? If not, then I'd definitely would like that feature added. I'm thinking of transcribing Liszt's arrangement of Standchen by Schubert, but with my own pedal markings, which use the sostenuto pedal. Thanks in advance.


Use a pedal from the lines palette. If you don't like what you see in the basic palette, switch to the advanced palette for more options.

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There's no particular technical hurdle for this, it just takes time, and the volunteers who develop this software tend to focus their limited available free time on the things that are judged most important (eg, requested by the most users). I suspect this will rise to the top of the priority list eventually - as mentioned, yours isn't the first request, but there are hundreds of other things that are more widely wished for.

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I wanted to say how much I personally appreciate the designers/creators of MuseScore 3 and the work they do to make our music "alive." Their technical expertise is beyond refute. I've just barely had touch the "tip of the iceberg." Thanks, guys and gals!!!

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Not even every piano has a sostenuto pedal. It is therefore used next to never, since pianists can't carry their own instrument to the concert -- they have to play on what's there, and what if you practiced to use the sost. pedal and now you don't have one? Honestly, as a pianist, I have literally never seen a sost. marking on a score I played. It is extremely rare. So, to agree with Marc, there are just a lot of other features more important than Sost. playback. This doesn't mean it will never be implemented -- you are welcome to submit a patch implementing it. It is, after all, open source software...

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