Cresc./dim. are ignored for tremolos.

• May 29, 2019 - 17:03
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This is coming from my forum topic on this issue; Jojo-Schmitz recommended I put it here instead.

Instruments such as piano, drums, pitched percussion, etc., are not affected by the new single notes dynamics, and rightly so, as they cannot produce volume changes across a single note. However, as Jojo and mike320 pointed out, a tremolo is merely a series of smaller notes played rapidly over the notated duration (e.g., a whole note with a 32nd note tremolo). My question: Why not find a way to get MuseScore to treat tremolo'd notes as a series of notes instead of a single note? That way, hairpins would work normally with them. This may be a minor issue, sure, but I've heard plenty of orchestral tracks that use crescendos in their drum rolls. Might be worth getting this into MuseScore.

Steps to reproduce (as a formality):
1) Create a new score using piano or pitched/unpitched percussion
2) Make a note with a tremolo
3) Add dynamics before and after, with a hairpin between them, like you'd do for a series of notes
4) Hit play. The hairpin is ignored.


Just want to throw in the fact that percussion instruments can produce single note volume changes via choking/muting (limited to volume decrease, not volume increase, but still).

I'm dealing with a marimba score right now that makes heavy use of dynamics and swells during tremolo. The piece can't really be rendered in MuseScore without this capability. Would be nice!

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Create a fake marimba staff, write down every single note as should sound and make the instrument invisible from the instrument dialog (press "i"). Then select the notes in the original (printable) part and uncheck "play" from the inspector. Finally you'll have a printable score combined with one with adequate playback.

I understand that there is a workaround (must've forgotten to check the box), but it just seems like it would be a logical next step after implementing single-note dynamics to make them work for tremolos. I don't know if this is possible, but what if you were to do something like what you did with unrolling repeats and treat the tremolo as a continuous "rolled-up" repeat of a single note? Maybe you could get the dynamics to work with that?

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