Space between treble and bass staves too crowded

• May 27, 2019 - 19:29

Hi. 2.1 here. When I was using 2.0 (sigh, those were the days!), when I needed more height to the space between the two staves so that I could have room for the lyric, dynamics, crescendo lines and other furniture, I went to Style/General/Page and poked around in there and found the one that would move the treble staff higher (or the equivalent) and give me more elbow room. Now, none of the options in that window give that result. Where did it go? Beth


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That does not seem to do anything. It looks like I should be increasing the Staff distance but I jacked that way up to about 23 and there was no visible effect: Score looked just the same. When I jacked the Grand Staff distance way up, I could see that they jumped farther apart, but not the Staff Distance.

If you were using 3.1, you wouldn't need to do anything to get space - it would be added automatically as required :-). I believe you've mentioned a slow internet connection, you could always download to a thumbdrive at a drive then take that home and install.

But, FWIW, nothing changed between 2.0 and 2.1 in this respect. The space between staves is controlled by either staff distance (for staves of different instruments) or grand staff distance (for staves of the same instrument).

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