problem with sound on Mac

• May 24, 2019 - 18:51

I'm using Musescore3. I just installed a new MacBook Pro. The laptop only has usb-c ports, and one headphone jack. Youtube and other audio sources work with the headphone jack, and the computer volume control works correctly. However, I don't get any sound out of the headphone jack using musescore. But there is a headphone jack on the usb-c adapter I'm using (for HDMI, usb keyboard etc). From this headphone jack, I do hear sound from musescore, but the computer volume control has no effect on it.

Here is an image of the I/O preferences in musescore. Any suggestions about what I can try to get the musescore audio out of the normal headphone jack?

Screenshot 2019-05-24 at 19.49.38.png

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No. The problem is that MS3 in the Mac does not detect that you have plugged the headphones in or out. If you plug the headphones in (or unplug them), you have to press that "Restart Audio" button on the panel above. I hope it's fixed some day, it's a royal nuisance. But the new Macbook speakers are so good ....

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