Best SoundFont for Film making?

• May 22, 2019 - 13:34

I want to make short films accompanied by my own compositions. But it would sound real enough the the soundfont isn't good enough. So, does anyone know any good soundfont? For all the important instruments.


There are many links and propositions, just search this forum:
As a film composer I like to export my composition into my DAW and use good VSTIs for soundtrack mockups. Just find your sound. What is good for one composer don't have to be good for other. Also there are few other tricks that you can use to make your soundtrack sounding more "real" (i.e. by using effects and mixing with organic samples).
As a film enthusiast I would like to ask you to share your film when it will be ready :) Good luck!

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Sure, it's hard to beat a DAW with a few thousand dollars worth of libraries. Surprisingly enough MuseScore does a decent job on the Bach Double. Especially if you assign the continuo part to a harpsichord and cello or bassoon.
I wish I liked NotePerformer. Every now and then I go to their website to listen to the latest examples. Just not good enough to me. I've had folks realize some of my Sibelius scores in NP. Yes, it was different but that's about it. At least when they realize my score in a DAW the sounds are really good.

Except for no solo horn, the HQ font that comes with MS is the best I've tried over all.

However, it's not just about the font. It's also about what you have MS do with the font. If I'm after playback, there are things I do in the score just for playback that I wouldn't do in a score for real playeers.

Well, you can improve the sound of MuseScore without changing the soundfount just by adding reverb and panning the instruments in the mixer. Also, is better to change the volumes of the instruments, woodwinds sounds less than brasswinds for example.

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"... which one specifically?"
It depends which instruments are involved.

For a full symphony orchestra, you would perhaps pan the instruments left-to-right as in this typical orchestra layout:

And in the Mixer (F10) you would use the Pan control to move the instrument left or right:

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Thanks for showing me where the Mixer is.
I actually don't know what the Mixer is for actually. Now that I look at it, there's a lot I don't know what its function is for. Is there a help page on this?
And the Master Effects too. The attack, release, knee, what are they?

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