top-to-bottom ordering of text above the staff

• May 22, 2019 - 00:28

From experimentation, it appears that these elements placed above the staff get positioned as follows from top-to-bottom:

staff text
chord symbol

Is there a way to coax MuseScore to systematically put staff text below the chord symbol (as it does with fingerings) without turning off Automatic Placement?

(My motivation is this: I'm using a plugin which adds staff text, but I want it under the chord symbol, not above. I've tried modding the plugin to instead create fingerings, but that causes MuseScore to crash.)



The order is hardcoded into MuseScore.

You can change the plugin to make it generate it's staff text with automatic placement turned off though.

EDIT: It could be easier once Marc's improvements to positioning items (without turning off autoplacement) are available (I think in 3.1?)

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