"Backwards" instrument sounds?

• May 14, 2019 - 17:19

So I use MuseScore 2.2 because .3 seems to change the sound of my primary sound font, but assuming there's no such feature in the later versions, is it possible to reverse the sound of my notes? if not, is there a soundfont I can get that has any? A piece that I'm working on is just BEGGING for backwards strings.

P.S: To the gentleman who said years ago to this same question that no one would care about this feature, well, here you are!


What I have done is open edit->Preferences in version 2. I selected the path under soundfonts and copied it (with ctrl+c). I then opened preferences in version 3, clicked the end of the path, entered a ; and pasted the path from version 2 (with ctrl+v). I now have the same soundfonts listed in synthesizer I had in version 2, plus the new version 3 sound fonts. If you want version 3 to sound the same, open the synthesizer and select the same soundfonts in the same order.

As to the person who thought no one would care about this, he was severely mistaken. People expect their music to sound the same in all versions.

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mike320, I think it is not related with some old soundfont file and/or name of instrument.

I think it is related with a time reversed sound of the instruments (to play something backwards, like we can do with some recorded audio in some audio editing software).

I think I have heard some reversed cymbals sound in the General MIDI Standard, but... About others reversed instrument sounds... I don't know!!!

Maybe, in the web... I don't know!!!

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