Bluetooth Headphones Compatibility

• May 11, 2019 - 19:49

I have an issue with Musescore and Bluetooth headphones. My headphones will work on other devices and other applications/the internet but as soon as I enter Musescore, the sound will play from my laptop's speakers. What should I do?


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Struggled for a second but I got it.
My device preferences were already set to 'Speakers/Headphones (Realtek(R)' but it wasn't working. I tried clicking it anyways and applying but it didn't work. I tried clicking 'Restart Audio and MIDI Devices' but that didn't do anything.
Eventually selecting a different audio option, applying that, then re-selecting 'Speakers/Headphones' and applying that worked.
Hope this helps!

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Hey my headset is already connected and there are still zero options showing up in the PortAudio section of Edit-->Preferences-->I/O to pick from... I have tried closing and reopening musecore, as well as resetting all of the settings. Still nothing. No synthesizer options showing up in the View drop down menu either. There is nothing in the volume mixer connected with musescore. I can't event select my laptop speakers to get the sound to play from again and the play back button on the main score page is also grayed out and unable to be selected.

What I see in this thread doesn't seem to address the issue that no output options are even showing up in my I/O preferences anymore. So if it's a different thread I need to be in, I would appreciate a redirect.

I think I have the solution. Some headsets have both a mode with only output and a mode with microphone. For whatever reason your PC automatically recognizes your audio device as a microphone which isn't compatible with MuseScore. Just exit MuseScore, set your headsets as only audio device and launch MuseScore again. Now MuseScore automatically will set everything well. Hope it helps.

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Thank you 'mbintore' very much for this comment. I have been chasing this problem for some weeks now but only today found your comment about head sets with microphones, having read loads of other possible fixes including reinstalling the software which tended to work for a while but not always, presumably because of the way the bluetooth device connected! Now that I am choosing the correct setting for my bluetooth output device 'without microphone' my bluetooth devices are working fine.

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I've got apple airpod pros with my macbook pro, and I was having the same issue for a while. If you're experiencing this as well, make sure your airpods are connected prior to launching musescore and then select your airpod pros in the I/O tab of musescore's preferences. Once this is done, hit the "reset audio devices" button and everything should work as intended.

I have a solution! People in the future if doesn't work keep in mind this is 3.0. First, go to Edit then Preferences then I/O device, and click in the bottom left corner "Reset All Preferences to Default".

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