sib to musescore

• May 11, 2019 - 19:31

can anyone with Sibelius convert a .sib file into a file I can use with musescore or show me how to convert the file without Sibelius as I only used Sibelius at school.


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If I have this correct - you have a .sib file but not Silebeus, but you have Musescore and would like to edit the score on that instead.

I don't believe you'll find a way to do it by yourself, since I know of no programs that can open a .sib file. But this community is like none other, and I'm sure if someone has Sibeleus they'd be willing to help.

Hi Jason. I still have my Windows laptop, so I may be able to convert .sib to MusicXML for you.
Please upload .sib file here and I'll convert it as soon as I get home.

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