Organists and organ lovers

• May 8, 2019 - 21:38

Feast your ears (and eyes) on this:

It's a Sonata for Organ in one movement, engraved with MuseScore and digitized with GrandOrgue using the Piteå School of Music organ sampleset. I originally wrote the piece with the Karl-Wilhelm tracker at St. Andrews Presbyterian in Toronto in mind, but the Piteå organ, though smaller, let me realize a performance that surpassed all expectations.

Many thanks to the author(s) of the tutorial, How to use MuseScore with Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue Virtual Pipe Organs ( It got me from 0 to 60 in just a few minutes. A word on configuring GrandOrgue: there is no need to add a hidden trombone ottava bassa staff to get a16' pedal, as the tutorial states. When configuring the pedals (or manuals with 16' stops), use the "Detect complex MIDI setup" button. When it asks for the lowest note, have MuseScore send a C1 rather than C2 (the nominal bottom note of the pedalboard), which will provide the 16' stops.

As pointed out in the tutorial, SCRC isn't possible with GrandOrgue, so in the YouTube video of the score, the registration changes are being done manually, off-screen, using GrandOrgue's built-in preset functionality. In live performance, two registrants would be required.

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