Quickly finding similar instruments with multiple soundfonts loaded?

• May 8, 2019 - 21:17

Is there a way to quickly locate similar soundfont instrument patches using the Mixer in V3? As an example, how can I find all alto saxophone patches that I have available from the Mixer's dropdown patch menu? Is there a way to organize the patches to group similar 'voices'?

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Just one word: NO!

I proposed an idea, time ago, but... It seems to be not considered by the development team, yet.

My idea is about to show a table (like the standard MS-Excel, or LibreOffice Calc spreadsheets) with the first column showing the MIDI patch numbers, and the other columns showing all the instrument sounds, according with the soundfont files we are using and all its used banks.

Of course, if there are better ideas, I think the development team could add something new (any new idea would better like the today Mixer screen)... I hope!!!

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Thanks for your reply. Just a simple search on the Mixer's patch pulldown would suffice. Alternatively, being able to cull out all the patches I never use (like bird tweet and gunshot) would help. I suppose there may be soundfont library editors that could help. I haven't pursued that line of attack, but plan to search for them.

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