How do I Get a reverb effect in MuseScore 3?

• May 8, 2019 - 17:21

Is there a plugin or a SoundFont file that can make a reverb sound? I am Trying to make a reverb on the "Voice" instrument.

If you listen to the first thirty seconds of this, you will know the effect I want:

Also, when I use the "Voices", I would like the notes to blend together. It sounds choppy, Is there any way to blend notes together?


There is built-in reverb you can customize in View / Synthesizer, but unfortunately it's global to all instruments. If you want finer control, you'll need to use MIDI output and then tweak the sound in DAW software or whatever you might be using to play the MIDI stream.

Not sure what you mean by "blend together". If you just mean, notes with a less pronounced attack, that
s built in to the sound & soundfont, but you can experiment with other sounds within the soundfont (eg, oohs instead of doh's) or other soundfonts (see Handbook for more info on that topic).

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Can you describe in more detail what you did that caused it to sound bad? Then we can help you get things back to normal. If you were playing with the reverb settings in View / Syntheszier, try clicking "Load Default". Or worst case, Help / Revert to Factory Settings if you've been messing with lots of things.

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