Musescore crashes after installation

• May 8, 2019 - 09:00

Is this a common problem? I am seeing that others are experiencing crashes too...
I have windows 7 and have downloaded and installed successfully. But when musescore opens it crashes in a few seconds. I then downloaded the version offered if there were problems, but same thing happened.
Thanks for any help


64-bit Windows or 32-bit? Same question for MuseScore?
Which version of MuseScore exactly?
Ever having had MuseScore 3 installed, in an earlier version?

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64 bit
Musecore 3 latest version
I have just got a new hard drive with windows 7 service pack 1.
i used musescore from this same machine HP Compaq HP 7800 using windows XP ( i loved the old word and publisher! ) before successfully.
I am now installing everything again on this new hard drive. This is the only software to crash.
Is it a thing, or is it to do with my set up here?
Many thanks Jojo

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windows are up to date.
Graphic drivers ( intel Q35 Express ) cannot be updated any more. I have had 2 IT specialists that have tried to install musescore but to no avail.
It says 'you had problems before, do you want to restore previous ..' i have put NO and YES but same thing happens. The dialogue that comes up is about ' do you want automatic updates or not'
I have been told this is a common problem. Is this correct info? I see you put a link for windows 7 32 bit that may also work in 64. Is that right?

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No. But i have just successfully installed version 2.3.2 from the older versions list as both your links crashed. Seems to work well. Not sure what i am missing from the updates, but it will do for now with my piano teaching and composing.
Thanks so much for all your help. Obv must be something wrong with my windows 7. I'm going to get someone to look at the firewall permissions and maybe avast protection to see if they are blocking anything. For now, alls well!

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