Ah perdona, primo affetto - arranged for soprano and tenor

• May 7, 2019 - 17:04

I've been listening to Mozart's La Clemenza di Tito a lot lately, and it really is one of his most underrated works. There are many beautiful numbers, especially this duet between Servilia and Annio. Apparently, Mozart set Annio, a guy, as a soprano woman performing "en travesti."
What I did in this arrangement is that I changed Annio into a tenor, rewrote some of his lines, and changed some of the orchestration near the end. I'd like to know from any tenors if the high A in the middle of the duet is too difficult to sing.
Seriously, have a listen to La Clemenza.


I quite like this arrangement: always been fond of Mozart's work, and yes: this is not a piece of music I've spent much time with, as I'm not huge on opera. In my humble opinion, you did a masterful job with this piece.
I'm only just having a play myself with this software: thoroughly amazed what folks are able to accomplish with it! Well done, indeed!

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