Alt+drag does not work on dynamics lines

• May 6, 2019 - 01:04
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S4 - Minor
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3.1-beta 2

Pressing alt while dragging a diminuendo or crescendo line does not disable auto placement and you can't drag it so it will collide with anything that has auto placement turned on.


In general, this works for me, although sometimes I observe slightly strange behavior which I can't quite explain or pin down. Precisely how are you seeing this fail?

If the strange behavior is that the offset sometimes changes when you stop dragging, yes, that's also the case without Alt. We need to "rebase" the offset based on the new position and new autoplace state. I'm actually working on that as part of what I've been doing to make it possible to move elements into the skyline without completely disabling autoplace.

In the case of dynamic lines, pressing alt + drag will never move the line as can be seen from the video. This is why I made it a separate report from dynamic marks.

I notice that you are trying to drag the line by the center grip while in edit mode. The Alt+Drag functionality does not seem to allow for this at present. Have you tried performing the Alt+Drag in normal mode?

It works fine. That seems counter-intuitive since you normally need to put a line in edit mode to move it without the alt key pressed.

you normally need to put a line in edit mode to move it without the alt key pressed
This does not seem to be the case in my experience.

we just need similar code in startEditDrag() as we have n editDrag.
I presume you mean similar code in startEditDrag() as we have in startDrag.

I see what you mean Matt.

I used this new knowledge to do some more testing. Once you move the hairpin that is not in edit mode without pressing alt, it moves as expected by pressing alt.

What seems to be happening both here and with the hairpins is that dragging them does not allow you to move them so they infringe on other items skylines or so other items are in its skyline. You must alt+drag them to move them which disables auto placement and turns off the skyline as expected.

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Right, so even without using Alt, simply dragging to a location where the skyline is different will also lead to a similar jump. The same is true for all elements, really. But the fact that we don't honor "Alt" at all when dragging the handle of a line in edit mode is separate and simpler fix.

I have all cases addressed to my satisfaction, in