How do I use a pitch bend to get a *downward* bend?

• May 5, 2019 - 02:16

Using the pitch bend feature that says "full," how can I achieve a downward bend that starts on the note on the staff, and then bends downwards? No matter how I edit the bend in the "bend properties," the bend always goes up in pitch.

For context, I am attempting to make a jazz sort of pitch bend on the trumpet, in which the player bends down, and back up.


Guitar bend always works to upwards.
The strings do not allow the bend to go down physically.
But it is possible to start with the up and then go down.

Note: Due to an unresolved bug, you may hear the range of the guitar bends only half that which should be.
2 = 1, 1 = 1/2 etc. #68456: Bends are out of tune

So yes, the trick is to silence the notated note, and add the end note as an invisible note with the bend starting up.

The bend symbol you are using is only meant for guitar, BTW. The normal fall symbols are on the Arpeggios & Glissandi palette. You can edit the shapes of the predefined ones.

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