Is adding VST support for future versions of MuseScore possible?

• May 2, 2019 - 00:13

Hello! I've been using MuseScore as my primary music production software for the past two-odd years and as a composer I have to say that I love this program! Having first started notating in grade school using Finale Notepad 2012, I am much more familiar with notation software than with standard DAWs, which I find to be clunky and nearly impossible to use--and I really can't thank you enough for making such a powerful notation tool available free to the public!

That being said, I can't help but feel that MuseScore is missing out by only offering SoundFont and SFZ instrument support. Please don't misunderstand me; I love using them and am highly dependent on using them for the majority of my production process. However, on the odd occasion that I do need to use a VST instrument in my music, I have to work around MuseScore and jump through all these ridiculous hurdles to get the sound I want in Cakewalk--then I have to re-mix all of my MuseScore tracks as audio so that the levels, pan, &c. work with the audio from my DAW. It would be much more efficient if I could just load VST plugins directly to MuseScore.

All that being said, I'm not a software engineer; I'm a musician. I don't know if adding VST support for your applications would be possible, and if not, I understand. If, however, it's something you might be able to do, I would greatly appreciate you looking into it.

Thank you for reading! (^-^)/



I guess because VST parameters cannot be controlled in the Musescore, there will be many problems.
But of course if someone wants to work on it, it may be possible.

Use the Musescore's MIDI output and redirect to a standalone version of the VST you want to use. (There are mini softwares (600-700Kb) to use VSTs as standalone)
e.g.: Search for "SaviHost" on google.

there are also virtual MIDI port routers.
e.g.: Search for "loopMIDI" on google.

I think the DAW is the place to load Vst/ Vsti. Musescore has its hand full with notation. I am finding a large number of composers these days using keyboards to enter midi into a DAW, using a piano roll, and then exporting to a notation program afterwards for clean-up and part scoring. So, I think Musescore could focus on improving all things related to midi import. (I do it the other way around. I can send 16 channels to 16 tracks in a DAW and have many instrument choices including sf2 if needed. It might take a while to set up initially, but the track control and options available are worth it.)

I'm a fan of the "one tool, one task" attitude. While I agree that the availability of VST integration could be somewhat useful, I feel much more attracted by ease of use and accessibility of features -- which often means "no features overload". Anyway, as someone else already wrote, MuseScore can output a document in a pletora of formats, so that a score can be effectively shared with programs aimed at giving as a good sound as possible (DAWs, mostly).

I would love to be able to use NotePerformer with Musescore. NotePerformer's high quality sound is a big help in the composing process. But this would require adding VST support to Musescore, which I imagine is a big job. Yes, you can export files from Musecore to other programs with VST support, but doing so takes away the instant feedback that a direct integration would provide. I hope the Musecore team will consider doing VST support in the future.

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