Add Fade-in and Fade-out (Morendo) to Dynamics

• May 1, 2019 - 23:46

Hi, Gang!!!

I think it would be very nice if the development team add two new dynamics characteristics:

1) FADE-IN: Start with zero level (full silence) and increase it to the next used dynamics value (I don't know if there is some standard symbol to this in the international music notation).

2 FADE-OUT: The opposite, from some level to zero level. There is a symbol to this: "Morendo", but it is not in the MuseScore dynamics.

The idea, of course, is this functionality works in a sequence of notes or just with one note, whatever its length is.

Just an idea!!!

Blessings and Greetings from Chile, South America!!!



Hi, Juan! I've been wanting something like this myself for a while now! I know it's something other notation softwares do--maybe we'll get that functionality in MuseScore soon. Thanks for bringing this up; maybe the developers will see it. (:


How is what you're describing different from just a crescendo or diminuendo? Just set the start or end dytnamics to "n" (niente), with a playback velocity of 1 (0 means no change).

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I'm talking about we cannot to put a second dynamics symbol at the end of a whole note bar. If you put, let's say, a mf in that bar, and you want that note will hear as a "Fade-out"..., Where in that bar you could put the "n" symbol? ??? You can put a "diminuendo" symbol, yes; but... It will not to give the "Fade-out"effect.

The same in the first bar of a piece: If you put a "n" at the first place of a whole note bar, then you cannot to put another dynamics symbol in the same bar. Yes, in that case, you can work around it putting another dynamics symbol into the next bar, and a "crescendo" hairpin in the first bar, yes. But..., I'm not absolutely sure if this is the exact same effect.

In other words, what I'm asking, here, is the capability to put more than one full operative dynamics symbol in just one bar, even the fact that bar has just one long note. That's all.

BTW: This is the same to the "Tempo" marks. We cannot to put more than one "Tempo" mark in a bar with just one long note.

In other words: Both, dynamics and tempo marks should be useful in relation with the bar ticks, more than the notes themself. Is my idea clear, now? ???

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Got it. You actually 8can* add an end dynamic to the crescendo - just drag it from the palette and drop it on the hairpin itself (or click the hairpin, double-click the dynamic). A little-known feature new in 3.0. I'm not sure how well it works in playback, you might need to set the velocity change property on the hairpin yourself.

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Hi, Marc!!!

I tested your idea to put some dynamics ON the long note and add a dim hairpin after, in the last bar of the piece, BUT... It doesn't work!!! There is not any audible effect, whatever the values we use.

And, worst... I cannot to get a way to change the shape of that hairpin (because it is shown extremely short and ugly).

The only work around I discovered is... a little... RIDICULOUS (at least): I have to add one extra final bar to the piece and put an invisible ppppp there!!!

It works, yes!!! But... I think it is against any music publishing standard!!!


I'm tempted to put another forum item with a new specific request about change the dynamics and temp marks related with bar ticks instead the notes.

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Well, the dynamic already starts at ppp, not sure what you are expecting to hear from there to the end. But I see there is a bug where the hairpin is drawn incorrectly on the last note a piece if there is also a start dynamic on that note. You may want to file an official bug report on that to the issue tracker. Also, it crashed when it reached the end, another bug that needs reporting unfortunately.

Meanwhile, I worked around both bugs by adding a beat to the last measure and making the resulting rest invisible. Then I added the "n" as I described and set the velocity change of the final hairpin to 16, so it would take us from the 16 of the ppp down to nothing. Works just fine, check it out.

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