Are there any ophicleide soundfonts?

• May 1, 2019 - 22:14

Are there any ophicleide soundfonts?


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The wikipedia page says the sousaphone has the exact same pitch range as the tuba. On the other hand I am convinced that the ophicleide, the sousaphone and the tuba each have their own distinctive timbre. From the same family, interchangeable, but not the same, just as you say.

Orchestras today use tubas instead of ophicleides when performing works by Berlioz. And that's a good reason to believe that a tuba soundfont will do the job.

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Looking around, the only ophicleide sounds was not free. It's at least $99 from what I could tell.

If you are trying to get the sound Berlioz was trying to get, then it is well worth an effort to find an ophicleide sound, the question is it worth $99 to get it and some more?

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