Set default shortcut to "add brackets to element"

• Apr 29, 2019 - 04:23
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The first thing I do when I open musescore at school is always to set the "add brackets to element" shotcut to "(" in the preferences dialogue.
It does not interfere with any other functionality (as far as I know) and is really useful.
By the way, there's also a "add parentheses to element" which seems to do nothing. While "add brackets does the necessary job of adding courtesy accidentals (which to me are not brackets but parentheses, but anyway). So what is the other thing for?


Well, there's indeed something wrong here, those square brackets indicated by that icon are not applied, but round parentheses instead. And indeed the shortcut for parens does nothing.

Turns out there is just a command cmdAddBracket(), and that, despite its name, adds parentheses to Notes, Accidentals and Harmonies (AKA Chord symbols). It really should add square brackets at least to Accitentals (the only element where these are defined for).
And an command for adding parens is needed too.
I guess changing the existing cmdAddBracket() to (by default) adding a square brackets to Accidentals, and using the same function for the "add-parentheses" shortcut to add parentheses should fix this.

Not sure though about a default shortcut, using "(" as the default shortcut for adding a square bracket seems pretty wrong, that would better suite (a fixed/added) "add-parentheses" shortcut.
And square brackets might better get used for start and end loop? If it is possible to use them as shortcuts at all, so far I've failed (but they are somwhat hidden on a German keyboard, Ctrl+Alt or AltGr + 8)

IIRC (round) parens for accidentals are for courtesy accidentlas, (square) brackets for editorial notes and as such much rarer and so won't need a shortcut at all, at least no default shortcut?

Actually I believe it is not a good idea for a function / shortcut called "Add Brackets" to add parentheses (to Notes and Harmonies, doing that to Accidentals too is just plain wrong).
So better have two functions, and "add-brackets" work on accidentals only and add brackets there, but "add-parentheses" do what "add-brackets" did before: add parens to Notes, Accidentals and Harmonies, that latter with a default shortcut

timesigs were the only (?) other element I found to have a method to add parens. None via the GUI though, seems just for Guitar Pro import?

Ideally you wold be able to add these to any item. I'm currently transcribing a score with a lot of parentheses around slurs.

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Fixed in branch master, commit 015e73652b

_fix #288422: shortcuts for add brackets and add parentheses

make the shortcut for adding parentheses work (same way as previous did
the add brackets shortcut), and give it a default shortcut "(". Restrict
add brackets to really only add brackets and work on accidentals only._

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>those square brackets indicated by that icon are not applied, but round parentheses instead

I think this may have something to do with the differences in US vs UK English. I would say [square brackets], {curly brackets}, and (round brackets) if I needed to specify, but just "brackets" to me would always mean round ones. Using [brackets], {braces}, and (parentheses) is certainly more concise, and maybe the names change based on your language settings, but "brackets" can still be ambiguous.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to find how to insert what I would call a bracketed breath mark, although maybe it has a different name. It was suggested many times as an addition to the breaths and pauses palette, but it looks like it's still not included in MuseScore 4.

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