Drum Palette Missing In MuseScore 3

• Apr 27, 2019 - 20:01

Hi there,

I've set the part properties to Drumset, selected my quaver and hit N but the drum palette that is supposed to appear at the bottom does not appear. What am I doing wrong? ANy time I click to enter a note I get some random percussion sound.



set the part properties to Drumset??? In Mixer?
That won't work (and I'm not sure about the purpose of that setting), it needs to be a drumset instrument in order for drumset notation to work

There's another reason why it won't show up. I just discovered this now. When inserting the DRUMSET instrument in the instruments pane, make sure under staff type, it's set to "Perc. 5 lines". Mine was set to "Custom Standard" for some reason.

For other instruments, it's usually set to "Standard".

I hope this helps.

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woah i fixed it by going to staff properties, changing the instrument from drumset to drumset (yes, its the exact same), and unticking the drumset check box in the mixer.

i forgot to give context, so it's this: I have it set up where im using a custom soundfont for the drums, but still able to notate using the drum pallette, but to use the soundfont i have to choose it from the mixer, which doesn't allow me to choose an instrument if the drumset box is ticked, so i had to untick it, which works, somehow. Programming is such a cursed science

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