Show existing dynamics for a part in continuous mode.

• Apr 27, 2019 - 13:43

A problem I find when trying to add dynamics to a score with lots of parts, is I lose track of what dynamic each part is at, and going back and finding the last dynamic indication for each instrument is a pain if one has to scroll through a lot of space-intensive music to get to it. I suggest there should be an option to turn on in continuous mode, whereby next to each part's label it had the last dynamic indication given to that part. That would enable a very quick and easy glance at the dynamic situation at any given point in time within a piece.


It would definitely be more convenient that creating a part long enough to see where the dynamic is at, then delete the part so it doesn't slow down continuous mode editing, which is what I currently do.

One thought on the subject though. When I write my original music, when it's been too long, I insert a dynamic mark to assure the musician won't need to be concerned about their dynamic level. It also clarifies what all of those < & > signs were leading to.

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