Album Update?

• Apr 22, 2019 - 04:20

Just wondering if there's an ETA on the album patch. Thanks.


While version 3 was still in the alpha stage, the discussion was that the album feature would probably be reinstated sometime this summer. I've heard no whispers that there is any work being done on it.

Summer will be gone in a few days. Has work even started on the Album feature? Can a 3.x file be opened in 2.x so the old Album can be utilized? (I'm afraid to just try it for fear I'll really break something.)

Is there a workaround meanwhile for MS3? If I have separate scores for individual movements of e.g. a suite or symphony, how can I combine them into a single score? Or how about adding a capability for something analogous to a playlist, to play or export from the individual scores in sequence to create a single exported file? Oh yes, there would still be a problem with parts, they would be separate for the individual movements (but at least that might simplify the page-turn problem).

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Not a bad Idea, but it didn't quite work. It saw the exported PDFs as full pages, and merged them as full pages. Basically, I had three short tunes I needed as a single page, as in three traditional Irish dances on a single sheet.

My work around was:
a) trial and error to get each tune similar and sized through massaging in Musescore
b) export each as a PDF file
c) using Adobe Acrobat, take a snapshot of each
d) paste each snapshot into a document (I use OpenOffice)
e) arrange the three snapshots so the page looked reasonably "professional"
f) save the document and export the whole thing back to PDF for the web page.

This was SOOOOO much easier with the Album function in Musescore, taking about six minutes instead of over an hour.

But thanks, everyone, for the suggestions.

Version Four is now out. Has the album feature been included? I went to the handbook, but the handbook does not have an index. I tried searching, but ended up at some page with commercial albums. Is the functionality included but called something else now?

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